Using ThinkPad USB keyboard on a Mac

I love using my ThinkPad USB keyboard, so much that I use it on my Mac as well. The trackpoint just helps keep my keyboard tray so clean. But there had been some issue with the trackpoint scroll.

Trackpoint scroll is initiated by pressing the scroll button and pushing the trackpoint. Problem is that the scroll button is registered as middle click on button down, and depending on macOS version and foreground application, that could mean triggering the paste action in any X11 application or (seems to be the case since Mavericks)

But thanks to this thread on AskDifferent, I come across this wonderful app Karabiner, which allows me to disable the middle click entirely. Solving a lingering old and some new problem.


pfSense DNS forward for intranet with private (LAN) domains

Trying to get pfSense’s DNS forwarder to resolve internal DNS using LAN DNS servers, I found that pfSense could resolve internal LAN domains but DNS client always get NOERROR without getting a proper A record from pfSense. Public IP DNS resolve without any issue.

The issue lies in pfSense’s default command line in launching dnsmasq


which would cause the DNS forwarder to be filtered out.

Add the following custom options:

Preparing a disk in FreeNAS using geom commands

Working on disk /dev/da0:

# gpart create -s gpt /dev/da0
# gpart add -t freebsd-swap -b 128 -s 2147483648b da0
# gpart add -t freebsd-zfs -b 4194432 -s 7999415652352b da0

Note: Size (-s) is given in bytes (b)

Operations can be verified

# gpart list da0

Further notes:

  1. Swap partition starts from 128th 512-byte block (beginning of 64kB boundary)
  2. Swap size is 4096*1024*512-byte (4194304 blocks)